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Greatest Hits 2023

As one year comes to an end and we look forward to the next, in case you missed them, we’re revisiting some of the most often visited financial tools, articles, videos, and calculators of 2023!

From estate planning to wealth transfers, here’s what was most popular this year:


Do Younger Canadians Need Insurance?

Read this article to discover why there may be compelling reasons for you to consider purchasing insurance early in life given your unique situation.

The Importance of Insurance Reviews – Things to Consider

Read why right now is the perfect time for you to review your insurance needs to ensure that you and your family have adequate protection in place.

Learning From Experience: The Carte’s Story

It’s important to discuss the transfer of your estate with your family in advance. Read about the Carte family and how they managed (or mismanaged) the transfer of their family cottage.


INFOclip: Building Lifetime Protection

Is your life insurance plan designed to last a lifetime? Watch this video, part of our INFOclip series, to learn about an insurance strategy that helps to build a lifetime of protection for you and your family.

INFOclip: Gifting Your Life Insurance

If you no longer need your life insurance, have you considered gifting your policy to charity? Watch this video to learn more about your options, and the caveats involved, in donating your insurance to charity.

INFOclip: Transferring Wealth to Future Generations

This video describes how “cascading insurance” can provide financial protection, while also creating a tax-efficient vehicle to enhance and transfer wealth to future generations.


Tale of Two RRSPs

Looking for an RRSP strategy? This calculator is designed to compare contribution amounts, frequencies, and timing to help you find the optimal strategy for your unique planning goals.

GIC Laddering

You can benefit from attractive GIC rates without locking in your entire investment for a long duration. This calculator illustrates the potential advantages of GIC laddering.

Charitable Donations Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the after-tax cost of charitable donations.


The Value of Taking Risks

When interest rates are high it may seem like an easy decision to invest in a guaranteed return but you’ll also want to be mindful of rising inflation. Try this tool and learn more about the value of calculated risks.

Strengthening Your Safety Net with Critical Illness Insurance

An insurance safety net will help you meet financial obligations when unforeseen events arise. But does your safety net have any holes in it? Use this tool to find out and learn about the many benefits of critical illness insurance.

Exploring Your Life Insurance Options

You already know that life insurance provides a lump sum benefit to your beneficiary, but not all life insurance plans are created equal – this tool is the 101 on your life insurance options.

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